Car accident lawyer phoenixFrom the 2017 report of the Arizona Department of Transportation, 43,986 car crashes happened in Phoenix alone. These crashes resulted in 19,155 injuries and, sadly, 243 deaths. Various factors lead to more and more accidents, which is why it is imperative to have your go-to car accident lawyer Phoenix. Consequently, here are a few facts on said car crash factors.


Distracted Drivers

Even if you have been a driver all your life, full focus is essential for a safe driving trip. Using your phone, may it be calling, texting, or using social media can take away your attention on the road. Even listening to loud music, eating while driving or messing around with your passengers can steal your attention and distract you.


Driving Under the Influence

May it be alcohol consumption or using both prescription or illegal drugs, these substances muddles with the sharpness of your brain. Your reflexes will be slower. Your decision-making skills will be blurry. You will be a threat to everyone around you, no matter how safely they drive their vehicles. In 2017, 1,308 car crashes were because of drunk drivers. Their mistakes lead to 89 deaths and  779 injuries.


Reckless Driving

Not paying attention to the road and your surroundings will definitely result in an accident. It is essential to pay attention to the cars surrounding you. You should be very careful when changing lanes, driving on roundabouts and sharp curves.


Driver Fatigue

Around 100,000 accidents all over the country are caused by drivers feeling tired and falling asleep behind the wheel. Driving from 11 PM to 8 AM are crucial times, and you should be on high alert. If you see yourself yawning excessively, feeling fidgety, tired or irritable, please stop driving and pull over to the nearest safe location.


Inclement Weather

Out of our control but still a significant contributor – that’s mother nature. Heavy rains, fog, strong winds, snow or hail, will hinder you from driving safely for sure. You should lessen your speed and do not stay close to other vehicles as the roads will be more slippery.


Call a Car Accident Lawyer in Phoenix

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