Everything About The Current Law Of Dependence

The current dependency law, despite having a journey of more than a decade, still generates a lot of doubts. queries such as: in what way can we access the different support programs for the caregiver? What limitations does the law contemplate? What is the current status of the Dependency Law? What are we entitled to as caregivers? Continue to address us day after day, as not always provided only financial aid for the dependent person.

Current Status Of The Dependency Law

Currently, the Law on Dependency is in the process of reform and debate, since the Law proposed in 2006 and which continues in force, does not accurately contemplate a financing model, in addition to having added measures such as the co-payment that have impeded a total guarantee of access to all the people who need it.

For this reason, a proposal for a law promoted by the authorized person is currently being debated, which contemplates a package of three measures:

Expand the rules that determine the level of income, as well as add as identifying factors the age of appearance of the dependent situation and its greater or lesser prolongation in the life of the sufferer.

Waiver of co-payment for rents of less than 1,331 dollars per month.

Limitation of contributions to a maximum of 60% of the cost of the service.

What you should know about the current Dependency Law:

Introduction to the Law of Dependence

Rights contemplated in the Law of Dependence

Services and benefits within the Law of Dependence

Questions and doubts about the Law of Dependence

Limitations to the Law of Dependency

To benefit from the aids contemplated in the Dependency Law, the person for whom it is requested must meet three requirements:

Have Usa  Nationality

Reside in the USA for at least five years, two of them immediately before making the request.

Obtain the declaration of dependents and the corresponding degree through the competent body of the Autonomous Community in which they reside.

Similarly, the non-professional caregiver must comply with the following:

Reside in the same population or a neighboring municipality as the dependent person for a short one year before the date of the application.

Have the physical, mental and intellectual capacity to provide care.

Assume formally schedules, tasks, and care according to the degree of dependence.

Facilitate the access of the social services of the Public Administrations at all times of the caregiving work.